About the team, our table, and our world...

The Tabletop Tales started in Nashville, TN as a group of friends who began gathering to play DnD together; what followed was a lasting adventure that still continues to give us life today.

The world that came to life from these regular meetups eventually took shape. It was a safe and exciting place for us to continue to be creative together; a harbor. Thus, our world’s name: Harbourne—a place of safety, excitement, and hopefully hilarity for all.

We hope it draws you in just as much as it does us! Follow our journey on the “Listen Here” page.

Our team is made up of Kyle McCann, Drew Bauml, John Fuszner, Chris Chaput, and Kam Meredith—each one of us contributing uniquely to the production of this podcast. Our original TTT table is housed currently in East Nashville, TN and continues to be a place that calls us back to be together.